Never Grow Old

Peter Pan was always such a fantastic story about youth, joy, and imagination. I grew up watching Hook with Robin Williams.  A man that was the furthest thing from that.  He had forgotten about what it was that brought him joy. 

Many people deny themselves the grace to get old. Often unwilling to live and love the years that they have been blessed with.  I would be lying if I said that some birthdays weren't harder than others. We all have ideas of things we would like to accomplish by a certain age. 

As a Gemini baby, Peter Pan is somewhat of a spirit animal.  Always curious, mischievous, and forever young.  I try to hang on to this with both hands.  Never allowing my sense of wonder to grow dull.  Finding joy in simple things. Trying to remember that impossible is just other people's standards. 

So I hope that as you color this fun little coloring sheet, you can reflect on a few simple joys, allow your imagination to run free, and never doubt the possibilities. 


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